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New and interested in a English major. [Oct. 7th, 2007|07:22 am]
English Major Central
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Hello everyone.

I'm currently thinking about college majors and since I have always been very good at english and enjoy literature and writing I have been thinking about doing it as a major.
I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about what to expect.

Just some questions...

1 What are the biggest pros and cons of the major?
2 What are the students like if you had to describe your classmates?
3 What is the career outlook and future look like if you major in english?

I am very interested in the last question for a very reasonable reason of not wanting to get a degree and not gain anything that would help me get some type of career from it.

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Poems to teach? [Sep. 26th, 2007|08:44 pm]
English Major Central


So I'm in my graduate program in English Education, and one of our assignments is to come up with 6 poems we would like to teach.  I will admit, poetry has always been one of my weakest subjects.  What are some of your favorite poems?  Why?  Do you think I could teach them to a class of high schoolers?  Post them so I can get some ideas going, if you would.  Thanks!

P.S.  If you're currently an English teacher, I would love to see some of your other literary choices, too!

(cross posted...sorry if you see it twice!)

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Trouble finding an essay [Sep. 8th, 2007|11:50 pm]
English Major Central

I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction, because I've looked everywhere I can think of, and I'm striking out.

For one of my classes, the professor assigned an essay by William Dean Howells entitled "Novel-Writing and Novel-Reading" as a reading assignment. It's in the 7th edition of the Norton Anthology of American Lit, volume C. However, it is not in the 6th edition, which is of course the edition I have. I'm not going to be able to purchase the new edition before class on Monday (and based on the syllabus, it looks like I'm going to have to purchase it because there have been a lot of additions to the new edition), so I was wondering if anyone is aware of any Howells resources on the web where I would be able to find the essay. I've tried searching some of the databases my university subscribes to, as well as several frustrating and fruitless Google searches, and my local public library. I've found articles that reference the essay, but no luck finding the essay itself.

Thanks for any and all help!

(cross-posted to both english_majors and english_major)
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goodreads.com, x-posted a couple of places [Jul. 17th, 2007|05:20 pm]
English Major Central

So is anyone familiar with this site goodreads? I randomly found an article about it which described it as "Last.fm for books," which sounded pretty damn cool, and it turns out to be as cool as I was hoping. It lets you list everything you read and review it, rate it, etc. So far I just have the things I've read recently and have out from the library right now but I'm hoping to eventually get all the books I have on it (no small task!) I'm trying to get more people to be friends with me there, so if you'd like to add me my profile is here.
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STD chapter [May. 11th, 2007|08:48 pm]
English Major Central

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Has anyone started a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at one's university?

We have honor societies in other departments at my school but are sorely in need of one for English. If any one has any ideas about how to proceed, please send them my way!


(cross-posted to english_majors)
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Footnotes [May. 1st, 2007|12:48 pm]
English Major Central

I've never written a paper using footnotes before, and I wondering how the spacing and punctuation works with Chicago style.  For example:

Jane said, "The dog ran fast."  Would the footnote go after the period, but before the quotation mark?  Or after the quotation mark?  Two spaces?

Thanks...I'm just being nitpicky but I can't seem to find the info anywhere!
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2007|01:21 am]
English Major Central

can anyone explain emersonian ideals to me. I'm in the midst of reading the american scholar and self-reliance...and i remember in my american lit class hearing something about emersonian ideals...but i'm shakey on what it really means.
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Book Sale [Aug. 19th, 2006|02:22 pm]
English Major Central

This might be inappropriate for the community, but I'm willing to take my chances.

I currently work at a bookstore and I seriously need to get rid of a lot of books that I will no longer be re-visiting. Details can be found here. Any questions, just let me know!


x-posted everywhere.
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2006|08:54 pm]
English Major Central

Hi, just joined the community, and I need help.
Last year I graduated cum laude with a degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing. Well, I've since decided to become a teacher and tomorrow I'm taking the Praxis #0041 ( English Language, Literature, and Composition) and I'm nervous!!!!
Any suggestions, helpful hints, tips?
I've reviewed the study guide book and did soso on the practice test. Was it easier or harder than anyone expected? Help, thanks in advance :)
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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2006|04:24 pm]
English Major Central

This year I'm teaching AP Language and Composition (as opposed to AP Literature and Composition which is literature based). As this class is more rhetoric based and the kids need to be up to date on current issues and all that jazz for the AP exam, I would still like to add in a play, novel, and short stories that raise social issues that are related to what's going on in the world today.

That said, when I went to a conference this past week, some suggestions were made by the instructor. For plays he recommended anything by Ibsen or some Tennessee Williams. I've never read anything by either author (bad English major, I know). He also recommended All My Sons by Arthur Miller (which I've read) as it could be likened to the whole Enron incident. For novels, he said it'd be a good idea to do contemporary fiction such as The Kite Runner. However, I thoroughly detested this book, and would not be able to teach it because I hate it so much (sorry to those of you who liked it).

All this said, can anyone recommend any plays, novels, or short stories that I could use in class? I need them to pertain to issues today, and I know that's kind of a broad request since so many of these bring up social issues. Also, it would be great if any of these may be available online in e-text, though they don't have to be (mainly I ask this for short stories so I don't have to go out and buy an anthology or something, as I'm a bit poor at the moment).

Cross posted to english_majors, sorry if you see this twice.
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